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Dynamic Trading Solutions


Our dynamic trading solution stabilize and stimulate the trade pattern of the company stock. We create the conditions needed to give your stock a good development and attract the attention vital for a fair market price. Our expertise is on helping listed SMEs succeed.

Superior Market Quality


less volatile


increased trade volumes


increased trade ratios



A dynamic trade solution is an  algorithmic trading with a human touch. The combination provide the best conditions to give your stock low risk, increased trade volumes and a fair price.



We do a comprehensive analysis of your stock's trading pattern. This analysis is the basis for how our Trade Services will operate. No stocks are alike and therefore we optimize the formula for each company.



We will give you a better understanding of how your stock is behaving through analysis and continuous reporting. With a better understanding of the share trading patterns, you can make smarter decisions about your communications with the market.

new york stock exchange

The pioneer of dynamic trading

New York Stock Exchange has offered dynamic trading service for almost 10 years with "superior market quality." Recall Capital is first in Europe to apply a similar model adapted to our markets. The results are equally outstanding!



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